Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ribbon and flowers

Evening all.. hope you've all been enjoying your weekend even if its been as chilly with you as its been here... Bbrrr the fluffy socks and jumpers are a daily requirement now eh! 

Well I had a wee relaxing day yesterday.. some craft play whilst hubby was at work, followed by an evening chilling in front of the tv with my beloved.. only thing that ruined the day was the clowns setting off the fireworks last night and they've already started tonight again...  I'd quite happily make it illegal for the public to use them.. would save the NHS a fortune and a lot of poor people and animals distress.   Anyway, I had a mega lie in today, tuned in to watch Formula 1.. what a race for Sebastian Vettel, and so unfortunate for Jenson Button... Glad no one was injured in any of the accidents though.   After that it was time for a cheeky Costa coffee followed by the weekly shop.  Back home and whilst I put the shopping away hubby got changed and is now currently at the gym.. Me???   I've made some coffee, turned on an episode of CSI Miami and am off to get on with making another wee,wreath... Here's one that I've already glued together but still have some sparkle to add which I will do when they are all complete.  These are fab little kits but as I like my flowers quite full I did feel I fell a little short of what I would have liked but even with that said I would still say it was value for money for what I bought it for at the SECC...  May buy the flower pad and rings separately next time so I can make some fuller flowers though.   All round a pleasant kit to play with and pretty gifts at the end. 

Well I'm off to make a start on the next one and watch Horatio in action on the screen.  Stay warm everyone. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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