Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fwd: NEC

Morning all.. sorry I didn't get a chance to post from the NEC but its always non stop when we are there.  So busy intact that these are the only pictures I managed I managed to take and they were done on set up day.  Most days start at 7am with a shower then we depart the hotel at 8am to head to the venue where we do a quick tidy up and prep before doors open...  Then once the doors close we restock to somewhere around 8pm after which we head straight to a restaurant for dinner and finally we return to the hotel around 10.30pm when it's time to get things organised for the morning...  Well I did say we don't have much free time when we are there.  Lol. 

Anyway, these few pictures show our almost empty van and a few different views of the stand whilst we were still organising it so there are a few odd boxes and spinners lying in stray places.  It all paid off though as we had such positive feedback from the customers. 

We had a slight panic on the Thursday morning when my back decided to pop on the walk to the venue when I stopped to take my scarf out of my bag.. bent down, went to come back up and boy did the pain shoot through me.  Thankfully Amanda Bateman who is a trained nurse was on the stand next to us so she had a good feel at it and got me sat down and propped up for 10 mins to try and ease it.  Debbi Moore quickly followed through by giving me a few really strong pain killers and back to our stand I went.   Thankfully with the help of some BioFreeze from Gaynor, hot showers every morning and eating 400mg ibuprofen I managed to take the pace and make it through the entire show.  Over he last few days I've been very careful and got an appointment with he physio yesterday afternoon... Boy did that man work wonders on me and although a little tender from all the work he done on my back I feel so much better and have managed to stop eating painkillers. 

Right folks... I'm off to have a play with some PanPastels before making a start on samples so toodles for now and catch up with you all again later. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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