Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sample 11... Final One!

Well folks here it is... the final sample which would you believe I forgot to send... well actually it was sat to the side and simply didn't make it into the package as I missed it..  naughty me.

Anyway this is a lovely little gift box which is all ready to cut out and mount the toppers on so quick production lines can be the aim of the game if you so desire for christmas markets etc.

Now finally if you would like to purchase the CD that hosts all these images or the gorgeous embossed card or tent cards I've featured all you have to do is browse for them on the CupcakeCrafting website and pop them in your basket... delivery is quick and p&p is cheap.. what more can you ask for?

Right folks.. time for your mind to boggle over what I'll be posting tomorrow!

See you then


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