Sunday, 7 October 2012

Crimbo decs

It's that time of year when the crimbo prep has begun.. Well forget your cheap won't last long stuff and go for something like this. These are fab ply wood decorations from Kaiser Crafts, either flat or 3D versions available. I'm desperate to try a variety of mediums on these but this is just a few I've made a start on. This one has been done with paint and gilding flakes but I still want to add something else.. Maybe some ink to create more depth or a wee spritz even! Lol.

On a different subject.. I had a lovely visit from my niece the other day who lives and works down south but she had to fly up for a meeting. Due to Uni and work commitments on both ends I haven't seen her for 7yrs and I miss her so much. What a gorgeous young woman she has grown to be and was funny to see her pull up in a car, never mind hear her talk about the amazing job she does, so intelligent and I'm so proud of her. Now I need to make a point of going down for a visit so I can see my nephew and have a catch up with my sister in law too. Phones just aren't the same.

Well I'm off again to get working on another advent calender so an afternoon of fun ahead.

Happy crafting all

Lorraine xxx

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