Thursday, 11 October 2012

Even closer..

Now this just goes to show how easy it is to combine some of your beloved Idea-ology into the design. Here I've used a vial filled with glitter to represent snow, a lock, key and knob to ensure he has access to both my heart and my home. Lol. Finally a nice piece of Kaiser Crafts lace trim just to highlight the lace around the '25' box. Oh and the holly and berries in the previous pic are also by Kaiser Crafts.

So now that's out the way what about the rest of today??? Well it's dreary and wet outside so was glad to stay indoors. Got the washing hanging up to dry, the animals are all quite content and sleeping and the house is relatively clean.. That will get done more tomorrow when hubby's off work and can help strip the beds and hoover the stairs etc. Lol. Mum has been here visiting for a few hours, think she's still making up for lost time when I was on holiday! Not quite sure what I'll do tonight yet, whether just to put my feet up and chill, do some ironing (pile is huge), or to have a crafty play with something else which means I'd need to do a big clean up first though.. Not sure I can be bothered with the cleaning part tonight. Lol. Guess I really should get priorities right though and at least make a start on dinner whilst I'm deciding eh! And with that said, off to the kitchen she goes dragging her feet all the way.. Bye!

Happy crafting all
Lorraine xxx

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