Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What a month it's been

Well I've finally found my way back to the old blog front after what has been one heck of a month here.

Won't bore you with all the details, just a brief outline.. Rob's been going through a switch over of his meds, I've had a viral infection and had to toddle off to the docs last week to get checked out as I've had a pain on and off in my left breast for about 6wks.. Thankfully the doc can't feel any lumps but due my mum's history and the fact I had and oopherectomy a few years back I'm being referred to the breast clinic to be on the safe side. Mum's husband Eric has also been bed ridden for the last month and they've been getting so much done at the house.. Stair lift has been installed, bed raiser, zimmer frames, wheel chairs, raiser chairs, commodes.. It's been all go and there's been so many health visitors etc too. Finally my back garden was so out of control with weeds and what not that I had to bring in a gardiner to get it back under control so that's finally done and another ton of stones has been laid down too so at least if the sun shines I can work outdoors without looking at Steptoe's back yard. Lol. Then I've had to work in all my orders too and think the smallest one I've had has been for 45 invites.. Everything else has been in the hundreds. Typical eh!

Anyway, things seem to be a bit more in order now and the chaos is subsiding so I'm slowly getting back to normal and hopefully that means I can resume my blogging too. Hope everyone's been having fun and behaving in my absence.. Then again.. You've probably all been naughty.

Right I've got a few more chores to get done today so best say bye for now and catch up with you again soon.

Love and hugs
Lorraine xxx

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