Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Birthday make

Evening all and I'm glad to say I've managed to get in the craft room for a brief period of time. Hubby returned to work so I've spent the day getting the house and paperwork back in order.

This is a wee card and posy box I made for someone's birthday tomorrow so that was priority over my other projects today.

It's been somewhat of a quiet day again as I've spent it indoors and mum only popped in for 5 mins on her way home from work. She does amaze me the way she zips about at 70yrs old. Thankfully she's decided that she's finally going to retire when the school break for the summer holidays as I was beginning to think she would be there till she dropped. Even the neighbours laugh at her as she's said for the last 5yrs she's retiring then next thing you know she's off to work again.

Well I've been hiding in the craft room since hubby came home so guess I really should go and be at least semi sociable eh! Oh and still got my washing to bring in off the line too. So loving the last few dry days as you can't beat fresh clothes that have been air dried. Cat is starting to demand my attention too so guess that means I've to sit and pet him for 10 mins till he's ready for another wee nap! I've truly got the laziest cat around as he sleeps for at least 18 hrs a day if not more.

Right, signing off now and will hopefully be back in the craft room tomorrow so toodles till then.

Happy crafting
Lorraine xxx

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