Monday, 18 June 2012

Good and bad day

Evening all and as you can probably guess from the picture it's been a beautiful day here today. Plenty blue sky and some fluffy white clouds too.

Anyway, the weather has been the best part of my day I think. Hubby has been off work ill all day, slight temp, aching bones and nausea. Got him doped up on paracetamol and he's currently in bed sleeping just now. On top of that I've had a to-do with my phone and pc. Connected my phone to the pc to upgrade via blackberry desktop manager but I needed to upgrade the desktop which I attempted to do, only to receive a message telling me I needed to upgrade my pc to xp sp3. Took myself over to the microsoft website to install that and guess what happened.. Bloody computer crashed!!!! So basically I am now left with no pc and I've been unable to upgrade my phone so currently have no facebook or internet access on it. Hopefully I can get the pc repaired without them having to completely wipe the system clean as I've got so much work stuff stored on it that chaos would not be the word for it if I lose it all. Then if that all works out I can hopefully get my phone upgrade done too. Keep fingers crossed for me please as this is obviously going to be a rather trying few days coming up.

Finally, I popped to the cemetery with flowers for my Dad and brother and whilst there I noticed that the headstone of a girl I went to school with was damaged. Appears as though it's come loose from it's foundation so I cleaned the dirt and dry grass off to make it look presentable then popped in to tell her mum, who's one of my neighbours. Glad I did the right thing though as her mum didn't know so at least they were warned in advance of seeing it. They're off down the cemetery tonight to have a look at it so they can arrange the repair tomorrow.

Thank goodness the sun was shining today as it always helps us feel more positive and I've also managed to clear the washing basket and get it all dried out in the fresh air. Only thing left to do tonight is tend to my animals but before I do so I'm off to organise some dinner for myself.

Hope you've all had an awesome day.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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