Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nosey neighbours..

Well my friend called me today to say she had been talking to another of my neighbours who told her a funny story..

December of last year my neighbours wee boy brought me round a large bag with my Avon order in it.. I didn't have change so I walked back to the house with the wee boy so that if his mum didn't have change I could tell her just to drop it in when she was passing.. Thought that easiest so she didn't panic or anything.. This neighbour told my friend today that one of our other neighbours was talking to her about the event.. Wait for this..

Neighbour A.. Sent neighbour B a text to say that I had seen this wee boy look in my front window and had marched him round to his mums house as I was so angry..

Hhmmmm wonder how neighbour A didn't see the large bag that was in his hand.. And had also disappeared by the time I was walking back to his house with him.. Oh yeah.. That will be because she was being too bloody nosey.. May I also say that at the end of last year.. Children of A & B were walking along a window ledge whilst B child had a plaster cast on her arm.. I went to mum B and told them as I was worried that she would fall off..

Nosey neighbours A & B obviously have very sad pathetic little lives when they have to make up stories.. I find it all so hysterical and may have to do a little wind up now just for the pure fun of it..

So.. Off to laugh my head off some more before my wind up begins..


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terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

And here I thought we had the market on weird nosey neighbors in the USA!

Pooh Bear said...

well sweetie i do think there is alot of millage in that one roflol....have fun. nosey beggars.

ali x