Thursday, 14 April 2011

Didn't go to plan..

Well Nicole came over bright and early this morning.. We had a wee chat as I had my coffee then she watched tv as I done some housework.. And off to Hobbycraft we went..

Sadly by the time we got there she had a bit of a poorly tummy so we done a quick shop for jewellery bits and bobs as she was feeling increasingly worse and by the time we were heading home her tummy was really sore and she felt sick.. Poor wee soul.

Fortunately her dad was in when we got back so we went straight there and he got her laid on the sofa but decided to call her mum as she was so bad by this time.. Mum ended up having to take a half day off work so dad could go to work.. I sat with her for a wee hour or so in the house before coming home.. She so upset because we didn't get to make any jewellery.. Even though I explained she can come over anytime and make it..

When I left the poor wee doll is in her pj's, on the sofa crying with the pain in her tummy and worried that she's going to be sick.. Hopefully she'll be better in a day or two and she can come over and make something before she goes back to school on Monday..

I've been on the phone to the mad Ann Russell for the last hour or so and am off to do a few more chores just now before possibly making a little jewellery myself.

Catch you all later.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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