Friday, 21 May 2010


Well am I jumping about with joy today or what...... I'm back on my computer.... can't believe how much I miss it when it's not here... Blackberry is fine for certain things but it's not like being on the computer.
In addition to that... Mr Postie just rang the doorbell a few minutes again with not 1 but 2 yummy bags for me to delve into.. one is from the lovely Bev... I know what's in that already but it doesn't stop me getting excited about actually getting the stuff in my hands... and the other one... hmmm... well that's anybody's guess... it's from Burns & Harris for next weeks demo... can't wait to see what goodies I'm going to be playing with this time.
I will take photos and post them later... but right now.... I'm off to rip the envelopes apart and get my hands on the gorgeous goodies... lol
Toodles for now but catch you all in a few hours again.. once I've calmed down..
Crafty hugs
Lorraine xxx

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JACKIE said...

Welcome back Lorraine :-)...you soooo gotta give me a sneak peek for next Thursdays goodies...cant wait now...work wont be such a chore when got something to look forward to at the end of it this week :-)...hugs Jackie xx