Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Nationwide Appeal.............

Well I've been dashing around like a mad woman (no doubt like most of the women in the country) getting prepared for Christmas & now I am almost there.... got a few little bits & bobs to tend to but nothing major.... and finally got the last of my cards delivered today... I must be more organised next year.... hopefully I will be able to get a pic or two uploaded tomorrow before Brianna & her boyfriend come to visit....
However, I do have one final appeal for this year relating to "Support our Soldiers".
To show our respect for all of our troops, no matter where they are & also for those who given their lives in the name of our country, is it possible for you to give up just 1 minute of your time on Christmas Day to think of them...

Can our proud nation unite at 2pm on Christmas Day & every household light a candle & stop for just 1 minute & think of all our guys & gals.
This is the 7th year running that "Support our Soldiers" have been lighting candles & I for one don't think it's a great deal to ask.
Please join in with many others around the country at 2pm on Christmas Day. Thank you.
Seasons joy to one & all


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas` Have a fab time Lorraine:)
Many Blessings to you and yours:)x

Sally said...

Nor do I think it is too much to ask.