Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Man have we been on fire this weekend.... literally

Sorry I haven't been around over the weekend folks but oh yes it was one of those weekend... firstly I had to finish off my OU assignment which is now done & about to be submitted as soon as I finish this posting. In addition to that Rob took the weekend off & we hired a skip to do the old winter clear out (it's almost full!).
Lastly but by far the worst event of the weekend was that we received a call from Rob's business partner to tell us that their building had been set on fire... Here we go again.... the office is in a tenement building thankfully so the walls are very thick stone ones... There are 4 companies operate from the same close & apparently on Saturday night one of the juniours in the hairdressers was left to lock up... unfortunately he failed to actually lock the door..... oh great let's leave the building wide open eh!!! As there is no lift in the building there were a few chairs set out on the landing so older people could take a rest & yes you guessed it... these were set alight. Fortunately the building faces into the back of the local police station & some police officer spotted the flames going up the inside of the building so they reacted quickly & put the back door of the building in to exterminate the flames... Thankfully no-one was in the building at the time. The hinges have literally been taken off so a whole new door & frame will have to be installed... the chairs.. well the only part of them left is the metal frame so they are now binned... some windows have blown out with the heat & will need replacing & the close is black with the smoke so the insurance company have a fire cleaning company coming out today to assess the damage & price the job up...
Hence why I have not been blogging... I have managed to make a few quick cards but haven't gotten around to taking any pics yet... will try to do it today if I get time.
Hope all is well with everyone & that you're doing loads of lovely crafting.

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