Thursday, 6 August 2009

NEW FRAUD SCAM.........................................

Morning folks... this is just a quickie note to tell you what I know of a new credit card scam....
My friends husband works for an insurance company & yesterday he received an email from the company warning him of a new scam.
Basically what happens:
Someone calls you pretending to be from your bank... yes I know we've heard it before, but these people have somehow obtained a large amount of personal detail in advance.
The person on the other end will confirm your name & address, name of your bank and your account number. This is to ensure you believe who they are... after this they then ask you to confirm your security code on the back of your card... the last 3 digits.....
They are apparently very professional & even advise you to contact the security department at your bank should you have any further questions.
Sadly rather a few customers did infact provide their details yesterday.
Please be alert to this scam & do not give out your details.
On a cheerier note... I'll be back again at 12pm with today's daily candy.


Nunt said...

It really surprises me how many people fall for these... I mean, credit cards have been around for so many years now, you'd think everyone would have already learned the dos and don'ts... I mean seriously, your BANK is the last place who needs to ask for your credit card information.

Littlebear said...

Arrgghh! Things like this are so frustrating. It's getting so you cannot trust anyone. Thanks for the tip off.
Clare x