Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Louis Vuitton

What a funny thing happened to me today when I went to the post office.
There I was shipping out my parcels when I got asked if I would do a commission card for the lady behind the counter.
Her daughter is going to be 21 in a few weeks time & is hung up on Louis Vuitton. Did you manage to guess what her present is.... oh yes.... an original LV handbag. Lucky her....
She is also having a LV birthday cake made so her mum asked if I can do her a LV birthday card as this is obviously going to be the theme of the day.
Now that is going to be a fun one to make.
Still doing my best to work with Mr Blogger who is really taking the hump with me today but seems to be I'm not the only one...
Perhaps he's just having a bad day like we all do from time to time.


Ann said...

Hi LOrraine

My fabulous package arrived today - oh thank you so much _ I love the floral plaque - that is definitely going up in my craft corner and the papers are just wow!!

Thank you so much. Good luck with the LV bag - hope you show us the finished project. I'm sure it will be exceptional.

Ann xxx

Craftyanny said...

ohhhhhhhhhh can;t wait to see it Lorriane, good luck

Kath said...

now this is what I call a challenge....don't own one and probably never will...so wouldn't know where to start...good luck...hugs kath xxxxx