Monday, 22 May 2017

Period style

Yesterday we had a trip down to the coast to watch Brianna during a performance at Culzean Castle in period attire.  Here she is on the right of the picture as you look at it.   Many a tune she sung whilst filling in some of the history of the precious residents of the castle.   Afterwards we had a little bite to eat and a catch up with her, Gordon her husband and Betty her MIL.   We eventually parted ways as they made an earlier departure than us to head home whilst we had a little wander around the grounds and stroll along the beach and explored the rock pools.   Weather was a mix from being blown on top of the hillside to sheltered on the beach so my jacket was on and off as quick as I was blinking at times lol.  Good thing is that it's such a large estate we still have plenty more areas to explore so there will be a few trips down throughout the summer months.  

Finally arrived home about 8pm so it was a late tea for us then another relaxing evening on the sofa.  For those who know me well you'll no doubt find that odd I've actually sat down 2 evenings in a row.. I know it's so not like me!  lol.  

Alas today is playing catch up, well after a visit from my friend Gail as we had coffee and caught up on how Saturday went.   This afternoon is housework, washing, paperwork and placing orders whilst doing some batch cooking. 

With that said it's time to sign off and get moving again so will bid you all farewell for now but will try and do another post later this evening.  

Loz xxx 

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