Monday, 22 May 2017

Communion Saturday

Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days folks but it's been a busy fun filled weekend.   

Saturday saw my friends little girl make her First Holy Communion.   Sadly the heavens opened just after the service finished so all her pictures had to be taken inside but we weren't complaining as that meant the ovens were on and the food was cooking.   Although she's my friend we have been like sisters since we met some 30 years ago so we're a part of each other's family and that meant we all had a fabulous family day.  Lots of chatting, fun and laughter and kids running in and out from the bouncy castle.   As the day drew to a close and the party came to a close we ended up with only 3 of us left..  well that I think became a party in its own right.  I ended up so relaxed I even forgot I was wearing a dress (I'm a jeans girl) that when I dropped Aimee and her boys off at their house I climbed out the car in good old tomboy fashion and ripped my dress right up my bum lol.   

Anyway, a fab day was had by all and after 9 hours of socialising I enjoyed a few hours on the sofa before bed.  


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