Monday, 16 December 2013


Evening all and apologies for being AWOL this last week.  Finalised the wedding stationery order and locked myself indoors for 3 days to get all my Christmas cards made, signed and got the postal ones in the mail today.   Will hand deliver the rest at some point this week. 

Still to put the tree up, get presents and organise Christmas dinner but I'm sure I'll get there..  just don't seem to have any crimbo spirit this year!  

Anyway, I'm sitting tonight trying go get my project finished as I had intended on it being done already but hey ho..  hopefully the finished pictures will be uploaded tomorrow. 

Keeping fingers crossed that traffic isn't too bad this week going back and forth to work as 2 weeks ago there was 1 night I didn't get home till 8pm and last week I had a night when I got home at 7.10pm.   By the time I get in, do dinner, dishes and a little housework it doesn't leave much creativity time..  that is if I even have the energy by then.  Lol.   Thankfully I'm off from Friday right through till the 31st so a nice wee period to get myself in creative play mode. 

Well that's it for now, time to get back to screwing and sticking else you'll never see this finished!   Toodles for now. 

Lorraine xxx

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