Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good day yday..

Afternoon and happy Tuesday to all.. Well the week has gotten off to a good start yesterday but I have to admit I'm forcing myself to move today as I could happily have a day just curled on the sofa watching tv.

Yesterday we trooped off to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for hubby to see a specialist. The drive up wasn't the nicest due to poor weather conditions but glad to say the appointment and drive home were much more pleasant. He had a few tests done yesterday, the consultant is writing to the gp advising on a change of prescription and he's to attend another clinic too which we'll have to wait on an appointment for. Then.. Back to Ninewells in 6 mths for a follow up appointment, by which time the consultant hopes that all symptoms will have disappeared which would be wonderful. To think of the years poor hubby has suffered and the many specialists he has seen who didn't know what to do to help and now we seem to have met a wonderful man who knows all about it and to us appears like he may be able to provide a miracle cure so we're keeping fingers crossed.

Think with all the pressure we felt under yesterday that the stress has now been released and today I could happily do nothing but instead I'm slowly working my way around the house doing the cleaning so it's just a quick daily clean for the rest of the week. Soooo boring but a necessity all the same. At least once this is done I can get back to sample making as lots to do over the coming weeks and I'd rather spend my time doing that than scrubbing. Lol.

Well.. Time to get back to the dusting I guess so I'll say toodles for now and hope you all have a fab day.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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