Thursday, 10 November 2011

NEC and nestabilities

Evening all... well it's very difficult to tell just what exactly was the favourites at the NEC as the nestabilities were simply flying off the stand at a fast and furious rate.. right enough they were selling at 2 for £30.

This cracker of a snowflake.. although not new to the range is however still proving to be very popular with the public and was managing to keep up with all the new dies so if you don't already have it in your collection it may be worth sparing it a thought as it's as popular today as it was at launch..  one of the best things about it too is the fact that it has an extender included so allows you the option to increase the size of your snowflake if desired... perfect for window and christmas tree decorations don't you think.

If you're looking to add to your collection of nestabilities there is a large range to choose from at Craft World so why not pop over and have a nosey.. you never know what else you might find.

Toodles for now

Love 'n' hugs
    Lorraine xxx    

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