Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Last night

Morning all.. Well last night I managed to make another scarf so only another 2 to go this week and that's my orders cleared again.. I do love the colours of this one.. Then again I love most of the colours in the range.. Lol.

Today I'm doing some babysitting, getting my hair cut and also need to prep some make and take stuff.. Thankfully I'm watching a very crafty child so I'll have a helping hand.. She'll love it.. Lol.

Also need to finish a wee bird hanger I started the other day so no doubt I'll have Nicole painting away too.. We could be rather messy before the day is done.. Perfect.. Just the kind of day I like.

Right.. Off to jump in the shower now and get this old motor moving.. Catch you all later.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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Rainbow Lady said...

Ooh lovely.... little old me would love a purple one (maybe with black or grey) pretty please.... no rush though as not back for a wee whiley yet.
Let me know how much and I will mail the money when I get back. Thanks doll - another day of sunshine here woo hoo xx