Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Unexpected Visitor....

Morning folks... sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday but I had a day of visitors... started off at 11am with my friend calling by with her little girl Charlie, my mum popped in too ( numerous times) then I got a surprise text to see if I was around... who was it from.... Amanda Bateman my very dear friend... oh what a lovely surprise to get in the morning and she was only a few hours away... So, come 1pm I had a change of visitors... Gail went on her merry way with little Charlie & then I spent the whole afternoon (into early evening) having a good old catch up chat with Amanda. Baguettes & cake for lunch.... along with tea & coffee of course... then sat back chilling on the sofa. Now if that wasn't a lovely surprise for the day then I really don't know what is.
For anyone living in the Belfast area... don't forget that you can see Craig & Amanda demoing Sakura & Bruynzeel at the Stitch & Creative Craft show.
Kings Hall Belfast...
Thurs 15th - 10am - 8pm
Fri 16th - Sat 17th - 10am - 5pm
Well... time to move & get some housework done I guess... got numerous calls to make this morning & then some samples to finish.
Catch you all later.
Lorraine xxx

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