Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday Teaser

G'day all.. thought I'd do a quick teaser post before heading off to work. 

There's nothing much new to report as it's been quite an uneventful weekend.  The highlight of it being my best friend coming to visit yesterday who unfortunately had to chat away whilst I was in the middle of a marathon ironing session..  5 hours it took.. yes that's right 5!!!  I've been prioritising since Mum had her op and the clean clothes pile always fell to the bottom but thankfully the basket is empty again. 

Progress report on Mum is good and she's been building herself up again day by day so fingers crossed she's back to normal soon. 

Downfall of the weekend was visiting Mum on Sunday and suddenly getting the most awful stomach pains, followed by a horrible feeling of nausea.  I tried not to say anything but she cottoned on something was wrong when the colour drained from me.  Absolutely no idea what it was but it lingered all day yesterday and have to say it's still with me a little today. 

Anyway work calls so off to finish getting ready and see what delightful goodies we have arriving in store today.


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