Thursday, 21 May 2015

Love unites

Been a busy week again and loving it.   Have posted some other pics taken throughout the week just for a quick update and tomoz I'm off to get my hair dyed (time to hide the greys) ready for the bosses wedding on Saturday.

Yes we get to celebrate and join Donald and Gaynor as they pledge their love for one another in front of friends and family and we (the staff) get to join them.  Glad rags are ready to go so just the hair and makeup to do on Saturday and looking forward to socialising with my work colleagues.  I'm sure I will manage to snap a picture or two of the happy couple and possibly some of the rest of the mad crew too lol.

So right now whilst typing I've got a little black and white fur baby who has just climbed on my lap and is meowing in my face wanting a groom..  sometimes I think a child would be quieter lol.  Guess I better go grab his brush else it will be the paracetamol I'm looking for! 

Catch up again soon

Lorraine xxx

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