Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bank holiday Monday

I'm on holiday!!! 

Well it's been fab so far..  Friday I got my hair done, Saturday was the wedding and Sunday..  well they do say it's a day of rest so that'd exactly what I done lol. 

Yesterday we started off by popping out for some lunch at a garden centre.. One I've been going to since I've been a child.  Sadly they had a sign up saying they will be closing on 30th May.   They have decided to retire and the land has been sold to property developers.  My heart felt saddened as it holds such memories from my childhood.  Guess that's what you call progression though eh just sad it's yet more bricks and mortar and less green countryside. 

Upon our return and after a wee visit from mum we donned the training shoes and set off down the park for a walk.  OMG there were lots and lots of geese!!!  Couldn't resist getting the phone out to snap a few pics as the little ones were so cute.  I'm privileged to have such a beautiful park on my doorstep that serves not only the local community but also athletes from around the world such as during the Commonwealth games.  

Today my home town is hosting the Tour Series cycle racing so some of the streets have been closed to allow the track to be cleared, winners podium to be set up etc and needless to say there's a few traffic issues due to diversions but hey ho..  I've got housework, washing and grass to tackle today then I intend on getting the training shoes on again and taking a wander over to watch the 2 main races.   Ladies at 5.30 and gents at 7.30.   It's only a 1.7km track so it's going to be extremely high speed road racing!!!

Well.. Toodles for now and catch ya later.


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