Saturday, 31 January 2015

Roughing it up

G'day all..  had a wee day off today so after a great nights sleep, breakfast in bed and a catch up with friends I set about the house.. cleaned from top to bottom so only thing left to tackle is washing and ironing but that will have to wait till Sunday as got a wee shift in the shop tomorrow.

Anyway I thought I'd do a quick post before retiring to bed so here's a little something I'm working on just now.  It's part of a larger project but that's not finished yet so this will have to do for now I'm afraid.  An MDF letter multi layered with texture paste and paint.  Oh I do love a little distressing and roughing it up.  Good excuse for me to get down and dirty lol.

Well folks it's almost 2.30am and alarm will be sounding in a few hours time so will bid you farewell for now.

Happy crafting

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