Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Big achievement.

Well folks its been a day and a half today.   Long story short,  a new circuit board and a new fan too.. our boiler is finally working again.  Took the poor engineer an extra trip to suppliers and a 6 hour shift to sort us but we got there in the end.  Lol.

The next good piece of news came courtesy of Brianna who has passed her 1st year PhD with flying colours, so much so her work is described as exemplary!   So very, very proud of her.   She's an amazing young lady.  Over the last year she has studied, researched and lectured part time, worked too many 12 hour days to count and planned and organised her wedding on top of it all.

Time to chillax before bed now, then up in the morning for a wee trip to the hairdresser at 10am.

Toodles pip my lovelies
Lorraine xxx

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