Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Kaisercraft :-)

Gosh I'm late in posting tonight, but its been a long day.  I'm doing holiday cover this week in Craft World so was in the shop all day,  was only just 5 mins home when my neighbour appeared at the door with this big box that had been delivered for me, I saw the Jones Crafts tape and immediately got excited about the contents inside..  its new Kaisercraft goodies so I can start making some samples.  Placed the box next to my tote bag so you could see just how big the box is.  Lol.  Can I just say for those who love Kaisercraft, you're in for a treat as the new designs are stunning, and for those of you who haven't used them before, I would urge you to take a look at them. 

Anyway, by the time I looked through all of that, had dinner, helped friend choose tiara and shoes for her daughter's communion this coming Saturday, done dishes, eBay orders, tended animals, replied to emails and organised my stuff for the morning..  well... the night has flown by and we are now into Tuesday.  Lol.  

Just before I go, there was a lovely gent in the shop today with his daughter, somewhere around age 6, and as I was ringing their stuff through the till the little girl announces that she doesn't have a mum.  Well, with divorce and everything nowadays its not unusual to see a single dad.  As I was replying saying that there are lots of little girls who only have one parent, she looked at me and changed from a happy smiling and laughing little girl to one who's eyes filled with tears and her face changed colour, then she said 'my mummy has passed away'.  I got so upset seeing her that my eyes filled up and I had that huge lump in my throat and all I had to apologise to her dad for me getting upset.  Her heart may be breaking, but she has an amazing dad who put his arm around her and she cuddled him as he told her everything would be ok. 

If you have children, make sure they always know just how much they are loved and with that said, I'm off to bed now. 

Nighty, night
Lorraine xxx

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