Sunday, 26 February 2012

The hunt is over

Evening all and apologies for it being so late in the day. As per usual I had my normal lazy start to Sunday morning chilling on the sofa in my pj's, watching tv and having hubby make the breakfast... That was until I got told to move my fat butt and get ready.

First up we shot off to the office to drop stuff off, then took a run up to the Scottish Arts, Crafts & Design centre as I noticed their website etc had been removed.. Well so too has the company.. They are no more and appear to have a new pet centre moving in.. That said there was still a large amount of art goods still in the centre so I do hope they will all be retrieved by their appropriate makers.

Next up we set off on the venture to buy a new tv and need I say any more!!!! Well to be honest there's more to follow later. Lol.

Then, the dreaded supermarket after which we popped down to drop some stuff off to mum who's been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. Started with a wee runny nose, followed quickly by a hoarse throat. Thankfully today she's felt a bit better but still sounds crap. What's ridiculous is trying to tell your 70yr old mother to take the day off work tomorrow and she's fighting you on it!!!

Well we came home and Rob organised dinner whilst I set about installing the tv.. Got it all connected etc but could we get a flaming pic.. Could we heck. Almost 2hrs down the line, combined with some help from the internet we discovered we had to push 1 button on the remote and yyaaayyyyy we had a picture. Would you believe that's all it took after all that time. Obviously once that happened hubby had to immediately check to make sure the ps3 was operating too. Lol. I done a few bits & bobs then tended to animals. Now can I just say one thing.. There's a big difference between watching a HDReady tv compared to a Full HD tv. The picture quality is far superior.

Well that's the run down on my day with the exception of the fact that I'm now sat on the sofa have coffee, toast & cheese. Lol. And with that said I'll bid you goodnight and will post pics of my new stash tomorrow.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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