Monday, 2 August 2010

Wind and water tight

Well... A very good morning to you all...

I had hoped to have been a bit further on tonight but got thrown out the window earlier as my wee mammy wasn't well. Ended up having to call NHS24 for advice. Thankfully the pain now seems to be under control so she has taken herself off to bed to see if she can get a sleep. I'm hoping we don't have to make a middle of the night run to A&E and that she feels much better by the time morning arrives.

Anyway... Here's a pic of my wee house at the moment and I'm just about to get out the old paints again to touch up the corners etc then we'll see how it's looking after that.

Catch you all tomorrow again
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1 comment:

Kim. said...

I do hope your mum is feeling better today and that the night call to A&E was not necessary.
Love this little house, it has real character.
Kim xXx