Thursday, 10 June 2010

Still only 1 car

What a day it was as far as the car goes... The fault appears to be something with the throttle thing that sorts out the fuel being sent to the engine... Would you believe... Yes we bought an extended warranty to cover things like this... Now we have been told that although it is a main component it is not covered under warranty !!!

Needless to say, Warranties Direct have been told where they can now stuff their extended warranty which was setting us back £60 a month and we now need to foot a lovely large bill ourselves.

On a positive note... Mum's car passed it's MOT today so at least she's happy.

Ended up with a migraine tonight so popped a couple of very strong pain killers and fell asleep for a few hours and after I mail this posting I'm off to bed.

Hope that tomorrow runs a little smoother then perhaps I can play with my goodies I bought at the weekend.

Will also give my opinion of the Hougie Board...

Nighty night
Lorraine xxx
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Kat said...

What a time you've been having with cars Lorraine. I hate extended warranties for anything. I have an inbuilt belief that whatever goes wrong you won't be covered. Does that make me cynical? or just realistic?

Kat xx