Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Run Around

Remember the program Run Around that was on the tv in the 70's & early 80's... Well I think I'm a contestant today... Lol

Got up & dressed this morning, ran hubby to work & returned home. Jumped in shower, dried hair etc, arranged service for car, phoned friend to tell her that her rear light was out on her car (saw it last night), then mum phoned to say her car is going for a pre MOT check tonight, hubby's car has an engine light on so car is parked up in drive, but garage called to say to take it in for them to look at. Left house went back to office, picked hubby up, returned home so he could get his car then I had to follow him to the garage, left his car there & I drove him back to work then came home again. Now I have to dash around the housework as I have a massive pile of samples to get through before leaving at 4pm to go collect mum after she drops her car off & on the way back need to pick Rob up again at the office, drop mum off at her house, come home & make the dinner... Still with me??? Lol

Obviously it's gonna be one of those days.

Right off to put my skates on now & will catch you all again soon.

Lorraine xxx
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Georgie said...

Busy people always manage to cram more into their busy day - I hope you had chance for a little rest xx