Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hougie Board verdict

Evening folks, as promised last night I'm here to give you my verdict on the Hougie Board.

I first saw Kay's board at the Stitches show in Feb but sadly didn't have time to watch her demo it... After that I was left wondering just how useful a board it would be... Until the other week when I was trying to do something and it came to mind that a Hougie Board would have made the job so much simpler.

Fortunately I met Kay again at the Artstamps show last weekend and back to the house I came with my Hougie Board... Well once Rob popped off to bed for the evening out came my new toy to have a play with...

The verdict... Oh what a joy.

After making a stepper card in about 30 seconds I then wondered if it would be possible to make a diamond spring card... Spent a few minutes thinking about the dimensions then off I went... No problem at all... Made one on my first attempt.

As this board contains nothing more than centimetres on one end and inches on the other it's amazing just how speedy crafting can be when using it.

Kay can be seen on Create & Craft as well as at demonstrations around the country, and she also has a website www.hougiecrafts.co.uk

Well, that's all from me tonight folks... I'm off to have a wee play with some more goodies now.

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx
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