Monday, 21 September 2009

Poor Wee Buddy Rabbit

Now this is how our little Buddy likes to be... in his Daddy's arms getting belly rubs & kisses...
However... yesterday & today he's not quite in a mood for it... on playing with him yesterday morning I noticed that he had been drooling from one side of his mouth... (just like a baby does when it's teething)... he didn't want to eat or drink from his water bottle... which is death to a bunny as they must have constant access to food as they have 2 stomachs which shut down very easily... oh my what to do... not a problem really... simply saturated his food pellets in water which softened them so he could easily eat them then & it also gave him access to water.
This morning he was bundled up in his city carrier & off we went to our vets... what a wonderful lot they are & I'm very dedicated to them as they have been treating my animals with loving care for about 17 years now.
Buddy was very well behaved as always & lay back in my arms whilst the vet stuck her scope in his mouth to see what exactly was going on... poor wee thing is not feeling his best.... all through the fact that wait for it.... he has bit his tongue.... LOL...
Oh yes... he has somehow managed to bite the right hand side of his tongue which is now swollen & is a little infected... he is now on antibiotics twice a day for the next 7 days to remove the infection, reduce the swelling & hopefully get him back to normal again.
Well... need to do the housework now & then make up my cards...


JanJ said...

Aww bless him, glad it wasn't too serious though & hope he's better soon, what a sweetie.

Jan x

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Oh bless, glad it wasn't too serious.
Clare x

Ann said...

oh bless him - what a dopey thing to do especially with rabbit sized teeth too. Hope he'll soon be better and have learned his lesson.

Ann xxx

Cazzy said...

Ouch, I know what that feels like but poor bunny, he couldn't tell you!

Cazzy x

Nunt said...

Awee, poor little thing... I have just gotten inside of my cheek healed after a week since I bit into it (hard), I can only relate to the poor little bunny!