Monday, 5 October 2015

Oh no...

Well folks I've grafted hard this week trying to get caught up on stuff and getting organised but my heart still sunk every time I looked at one half of my craft room..  being later at night it was not a time to make a start on the chaos that lay within so I turned off the light and closed the door..  Saturday was another day after all.. 

Haven't decided yet if I can share the full extent of the mess with you so here's just a little snippet to give you an idea of it..  hangs head in shame. .

Today is the last of my holiday and back to work tomorrow so housework is done, hubby's lunches sorted for the week, cakes have been baked, bunnies tended and I'm off for a shower now before heading to asda.  It's been a great week off and although there's been a lot of hard work involved it had been put on the back burner long enough so determination was the key to success. 

Toodles for now

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