Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Revamp time

Well folks the old lurgy made a reappearance the last few days so I'm back to the Vicks de toilette and paracetamol again but the good news is I've managed a little bit of crafting.

You may or may not remember one of the advent calenders I made a few years back...  well its travelled around rather a few shops as well as being on display in the shop so it was looking a bit worse for wear.  Thankfully these KaiserCraft advent calenders are such high quality they can take the abuse so rather than having to bin it I've been able to start a revamp.   Black has been replaced with metallic gold, papers are new too (with exception of drawer fronts) and I've bought a couple of wee pieces to add for that Victorian feeling.  

Full picture will be uploaded once it's complete but today I took a break and switched to playing with polystyrene cones.  Hopefully get that uploaded tomorrow if I can get a good enough pic.  

So my time off work is over and I've hardly been out the house but seeing as I had to pop in the shop yesterday to pick up some supplies we took a wee trip down to Silverburn shopping centre (highlight of my hols lol).  We had a stroll about and picked up some stocking fillers as well as a trip to the Handmade Burger Co for some dinner.  The staff are always so pleasant & friendly in there.  Anyway the trip came to an abrupt end as my temp started to rise so had to get home and bump some more meds in me.  Thankfully I've another few days off next week again so can take another wee trip down then along with mum. 

Well that's it all for now folks so will sign off and go get my hair straightened for work (I look like one of the hair bear bunch today lol).

Toodles for now

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