Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas mode

Afternoon all and eh it's been a while!  Didn't mean to disappear like I have but finished up work last Thursday for a weeks holiday and bam..  was struck down with a head cold or a flu on Friday!   Lovely start to my fully scheduled break eh.  I had so much planned from painting the house, Christmas shopping etc and what have I achieved?   Not a sodding thing, that's what.

Yesterday was the first day I could say I actually felt somewhat normal (no cheeky comments from those who know me lol) so a catch up around the house was required including a massive washing basket of dirty clothes.  Yuck!   Obviously the whole day couldn't possibly be centred on being domestic so I had a rummage in the craft room (first day I've even wanted to look at Craft stuff so I must have been ill) and found a set of 6 wooden trees that I had bought at a craft show about 3 years ago (hangs head in shame) and knew right away what I could do with them. 
I wanted to keep them plain and simple but obviously they needed some sparkle and shine.. It is Christmas afterall lol.

After constructing them I added some snowtex to the base for texture then covered in metallic silver paint.  Next up using mod podge I covered the actual tree structure & star with luna silver mica flakes and a final coating of mod podge to seal it all.

Voila..  6 shiny and sparkly trees ready for Christmas.

So what's on today's agenda..  hhmmm I had mum bring me in a pile of supplies yesterday so this afternoon will be spent in the kitchen.  Good old Herman has been awoken from hibernation  so it's cake baking time.   Totally forgot about him till Hels mentioned him the other day and my brain went pop..  I've got him in sleep mode lol.  

Now if you're a Herman lover here's a little piece of info that not every one knows as most people receive him off a friend and follow the instructions he comes with.   If you have a Herman and you keep him for say 2 weeks..  feed him & nurture him as prescribed.  After this you can actually allow him to go in to hibernation.   Simply place him somewhere dry with a tea towel on top and he will sleep.   To reawaken you simply feed him!   My Herman has been in hibernation for around a year as I'm not a big baking fan but I do love to gift cake to friends at this time of year.   Only thing to remember is make sure you give him one last feed before locking him away.  

Anyway I'm off to do a quick clean up and decided if today's recipe is going to be apple & walnut or banana & chocolate chip lol.  

Catch ya all laters and if anyone out there is suffering the cold or flu hope you get well soon.  My remedy was a mixture of paracetamol every 4 hours and my new fragrance..  Vicks de toilette 😉

Keep smiling folks
Lorraine xxx

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