Sunday, 26 October 2014

What a demo day..

Well folks would you believe it's not even 1am and I'm sleepy!!!  Not like me eh lol.

There's a very good reason for it though,  you see we had a mini extravaganza day in the shop meaning we had 6 demonstrators on between 10am and 4pm.   When the day began I had every intention of taking pictures throughout the day but eh..  that plan went out the window after the first half hour as there's simply wasn't time! 

The first picture was taken about 10 mins after the doors opened and let me tell you this was when it was quiet..  you wouldn't believe what it was like by 11am.  Thankfully most of the companies close by are closed on a Saturday as in addition to our car park being full our customers were parked on 3 additional streets within the industrial estate lol.

Now we always say that we have the best customers and here is a few pics to prove it.  In the second picture is our boss lady Gaynor who is actually being given a vegetable (can't remember the name) which a customer had grown herself and brought in as a gift.   Then we have the all important CAKES!!!!!!!   There is never a demo day goes by that someone doesn't give us something yummy to keep our energy levels up and this time around it was Angela with a big box of delicious homemade cupcakes.   It was 5pm before we even had a chance to dive in to them but they were well worth the wait.  

Needless to say I've kinda just sat back with my feet up tonight and done sod all but chill and I'm actually looking forward to going to bed and with the turn back of the clocks I even get to have an extra hour in bed..  yippee doodle dandy. 

So with that said I'm going to sign off and get my pj's on ready for the land of nod. 

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

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