Thursday, 24 July 2014

Let the games begin

G'on yerself Team Scotland!   Right behind our guys & gals whether they win medals or not.   Now the opening ceremony is over,  I'm proud to live in the town to host the first event of the games the Triathlon.   Being hosted only a half mile from my home I'm saddened not to be able to attend the event due to work but I'm sure the people of the 'Well will take care of our visitors.

Can't believe how busy we were in the shop today between customers and deliveries.   The funniest had to be when one of the couriers unloaded a pallet from his articulated lorry and it was head and shoulders higher than him!   That turned out to be a pallet unloaded in the car park and taken in the shop box by box lol.   Lots more arrivals including Sizzix,  Indigo Blu & Craft Creations.   Love days like that!  
Oh and got an email to advise that all workshop spaces have been filled for Saturday's workshops and a reserve list is now on the go so that's fab.   I'm gonna be a busy lass lol.

Unfortunately I've got an early alarm call in the morning as I need to try and get out of town before competitors and spectators start arriving and guess what.. I'm having trouble getting to sleep.  Typical eh!   Gonna have another go at getting my head down once I finish typing but rate I'm going I'm not even gonna have 4 hours sleep.    Wish me luck!

That said I'll leave you with another sneaky peek.

Happy crafting

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