Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Welcome Mr Sunshine

Well folks its been a period of turmoil but am doing my best to get back on track as quickly as possible.  I returned to work last week which was great as it gave me some normality in my life and I had missed everyone.   Have been helping mum on my days off but also managed some time at home this weekend as she thought I needed a wee rest.  Poor old soul worrying about me!   Anyway, I decided to put the time to good use so the front garden is now under control and I've made a start on the back.   Thought I'd let you see just how sunny its been..  haven't we been lucky!   Oh and look what I found when cutting the grass..  so glad I spotted it and managed to lift it to the safety of a bush.   Couldn't resist taking a photo.  Lol. 

Anyway, I'm off to get on with more work..  lots of creating to do and the clock is ticking!   

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

P.s.  thank you for all your messages regarding my step fathers passing.  Xxx

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