Friday, 30 September 2016

Can't wait to raise funds

Delighted to be hosting the MacMillan Coffee Morning at Craft World Scotland again. 

We had a good turn out last year and are hoping for the same again as it's amazing being able to help such a wonderful cause. 

Tables are set up, raffle prizes are out on display (in the region of 50!), cakes are all ready to be packed in the car in the morning and I'm almost ready for bed but still have to wash my hair so it's gonna be a late one tonight..  it's been a very long day but worth it.

I've always said we have the best customers and we really do.   We have had raffle prizes donated,  cakes baked for the big day and cash donations made from a couple of customers who are unable to attend.   As one customer said to me today as I thanked her "when you take the time to help your customers all year round then your customers like to help you too when they can".   Sums it all up really doesn't it.  

Anyway, off to get this mop washed as it's after 1am already and alarm is set for 7.30.  Collecting my wee mummy at 8.30 as she's being a darling and helping out by serving tea and coffee all day.  

Oh and thought I'd throw in a picture of some mini meringues for you too lol.   Will do my best to get some pictures tomorrow too. 

Toddles xxx

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