Saturday, 2 January 2016

January focus..

Well folks throughout November and December most of my focus was on doing stuff for the homeless.  Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of dropping off used clothes, food, Christmas presents and cards to two local organisations for distribution. 

Now I normally have a few things on the go at once, the homeless, cats protection and crochet for premature babies.  This year I have decided to try and place a little more focus on just one of them each month.   The others will still be ongoing in the background though.  

For January 2016 I have decided that my focus will be on Premature Babies.  I will have my crochet hook turning getting as many blankets, hats, cardigans and booties done as I can then they will be taken to the local hospital.  These little things can help parents who are faced with early delivery of their child.  Imagine your child there and not having any clothing that is their own..  well this helps to change all that.   Parents can be given a little set which will then be theirs to keep and take home with them.  It is a matter close to my heart as my friend went through this twice.  There are no words for it but if I can provide some small comfort through a little piece of yarn then it will be a blessing. 

So..  here we go January 2016..  bring on the yarn lol.


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