Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Full steam ahead

Morning all.   Well its been a busy wee week with a combination of things.   I was working Friday last week which was unusual for me, then I've been working on a wedding order at nights and also the last 3 days.  
So far I've constructed 110 pocket cards, cut 220 matting layers, 110 of which I embossed, cut 110 lengths of ribbon, stuck & cut 120 yes 120! Metres of high tack tape and have now attached it all to the cards.   As if that's not enough I still have to cut another 220 pieces of ribbon to construct 110 bows, cut 220 sentiment layers and print 440 inserts.   Phew...  That's after I've already done the 'save the date' cards and I've still got the thank you cards to do after I'm finished the invites.   Me thinks there's still a lot of hours left to work before this order is complete.  Lol.  

Anyway, I'm back at work tomorrow and our wee June has made 'mental lentil' soup for us all for lunch so can't wait.  She makes the best soup ever.  

It's been a sad week too with a funeral, then Coronation Street has shown the passing of poor Hayley and sadly there has been the search for and discovery of the body of the little boy in Edinburgh.   God rest his soul, a poor wee 3 year old now with his wings, may he rest in peace. 

One of my wee surrogate daughters Nicole came over today shouting from the rooftops about an exam result.   She got 39 out of 40 so approx 98%.   She was so excited we even had to call Rob to tell him.   She said the world had to know as she was so happy so thought I'd help her share the news by telling you all about it too.  Lol. 

Well its almost 2am and time for bed so will bid you all goodnight but please keep your fingers crossed I get through this order quick as I've got some DT work waiting for my attention and I can't wait to start on it.   Simply decided it would be easier to clear my feet of this order early on then I can concentrate on my yummy stash. 

Righty ho I'm off..  nighty night.

Lorraine xxx

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