Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wedding countdown!

What a week..  3 days in shop, 3 days at SECC (last one being tomorrow) and then the grand finale..  the wedding!!! 

This is the last picture I have of Gordon & Brianna taken at Glasgow University on her BA graduation day in 2011.   The wedding seemed such a long way off then and so much has happened.  She graduated her Masters and commenced her PhD in 2012..  now she is in her 2nd year and the wedding is only 36 hours away!  

At 2pm on Sunday 27th October our wee Brianna will become Mrs Brianna Robertson-Kirkland as they are united in holy matrimony at Glasgow University and the next picture I have of the happy couple will be that of the Bride & Groom. 

Although not everyone is able to attend,  they will thankfully still be able to watch the service via the live web feed which is totally awesome.   Thank goodness the relatives in the USA are early risers as their viewing time is 6am.  Lol. 

Well.. its 1.30am so guess I better get to bed..  busy day ahead tomorrow between the show and then coming home to get everything organised for Sunday.  Toodles for now. 

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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