Monday, 5 August 2013

My little beauty

Well folks its been a fast week and I just realised I hadn't blogged since last Tuesday!   Decided to give you a bit of a run down with some pics below but there's more..   You know how I managed to get my dress for the wedding last weekend well I'm happy, happy, happy as I've now got the hat too!!  Not bad for a woman who can't stand shopping.  Lol. 

I've not been doing any commission cards lately as I simply don't have the time but this was such a special one I couldn't refuse and the fact I made the girls 18th card made it all the more fun to do her 21st so I've managed to squeeze that in this week too. 

Finally..  I've been enjoying myself painting some wooden stuff and deciding upon matching papers and embellishments for the lovely samples I'm making just now for Jones Crafts.   The boys there really are cruel as they send me so many delicious products to play with.  Lol.

Well I've got a bit more to finish off tonight before I can chill and I'm back in the shop tomorrow..  no idea if there will be any more mad bargains up for grabs this week so guess I better sign off, get the fingers to work and hopefully catch a relatively early to bed night. 

Toodles for now
Lorraine xxx

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