Friday, 26 July 2013

Anniversary celebration

Today hubby and I decided to take some time off work and away from home as we've both been working non stop lately and haven't had any quality time together, plus it was an excuse to celebrate our anniversary.  Lol. 

So.. off we toddled on a trip down to Ayrshire where we spent a little time on the beach..  its really not a place I would want to spend too long at, and we chilled with a relaxing meal at Scott's bar & restaurant looking out over the harbour.   Finally making our way back home with a nice leisurely drive. 

Hubby enjoyed being close to the sea again, well he did grow up just a few miles from the beach so understandable I guess..  shame I couldn't have supplied the California heat for him too but he said I did do pretty well considering we were in Scotland.  Lol.

Off to get a few things tidied up then it will be time for pj's and bed I think. 

Till tomorrow... Toodles!
Lorraine xxx

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