Sunday, 15 July 2012

Almost done

Evening all on what has been another dry day here and what a pleasant change it's been having a few dry days where I've been able to get the washing out to dry instead of the miserable downpours of the last month. The kids have been out playing around the estate so it's especially nice it being dry this weekend as it's a the local Glasgow Fair Weekend so lots of people having a wee extra day off work tomorrow.

Anyway.. the last few days have been topsy turvy as I'm still trying to adapt to Rob being off on Fridays and working Saturdays as my schedule is interrupted having him at home when I'm not used to it but we'll get there. I was pretty busy on Friday so he entertained himself quite a bit of the day (didn't even get the shopping done) then yesterday just flew by and we had to do the weekly shop at tea time as the cupboards were a bit bare. Today started off relaxed with a lie in then Rob cleaned both cars whilst I cleaned the house. We popped out for a coffee and ended up having it with our neighbours who we bumped in to at the coffee house so was nice to sit and have a wee chat and tonight I've grouted the table that Rob's currently refurbishing. Amazing what a strip of the wood and replacement of the tiles can do to the appearance to an old tired looking table. Now come tomorrow I should get some quiet time again whilst he puts a coat or two of beeswax on it then it will be done and ready for use.

Got some more things I really should tackle tomorrow too like dying my hair seeing as the greys are starting to poke through and that beloved job of searching online for car insurance quotes seeing as my renewal notice has just came in and got a few orders that need packing ready for posting first thing Tuesday. Which when I mentioned the post.. I was shocked the last few days too.. On Thursday I posted 4 2nd class parcels.. 2 of which arrived on Friday and the other 2 were delivered yesterday.. I'm not entirely convinced any of them would have arrived quicker had I sent them 1st class so good on Royal Mail.. They have shocked me with their service and hope that it continues.

Well.. Seeing as it's now 11.30pm and I'm snuggled on the sofa in my pj's, I'm off to watch some tv for a wee hour (maybe two. Lol) then I'll be heading to bed so will bid a 'goodnight' to all and will post a pic of the finished table tomorrow. Will even take the pic in daylight so you can see it properly. Toodles for now.

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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