Monday, 12 July 2010


Well... Arrived at our hotel yesterday afternoon (Aldwark Manor) to find that it was needing a bloody good clean and that they had a dysentry outbreak !!! No I really don't want to take the chance on catching it so ended up getting the receptionist to call around & find us another hotel for the night. Ended up in The Park Inn central York & the night was spent listening to the youngsters moving between pubs & heading home from nightclubs... It was a very clean hotel though which was a huge benefit. This morning we managed to find another hotel which is the one in the picture (Hazlewood Castle Hotel)... Lovely accommodation set in a rural environment. Thank goodness for that and I'm looking forward to getting some sleep tonight.

Hopefully things will go well now.

Lorraine xxx
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Rainbow Lady said...

Ooh you should have asked me my friend I used to live in York. Don't forget to visit the craft shop will you - have a great time love and hugs Cynthia xx