Thursday, 22 May 2008

Explosive Creation !!!

Good morning everyone, here I am again uploading pics only difference is my trusty buddy Kath isn't on the other end of the phone giving me instructions. Trying to make her proud of me today..... (Did it work?)

This is an exploding box I made for a workshop I was doing recently, made using
Wendie Rhodes exploding templates and nothing more than some beautiful K&Co paper, stickles & gems.

The people I was teaching are on restricted incomes and I was trying to show them how something quite lovely can be made from very little and doesn't have to cost a fortune. Thankfully it went down well at the workshop and people were thinking how they could use them for favours at weddings, to give something different for the birth of a child etc. Well done to those attending the workshop.

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Craftling said...

Hi, Lorraine.. Just here, catching up with your blog... Great exploding box design, Lorraine! Love it! :o)

Heather xx