Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Morning all and blessed Easter wishes being sent to one and all. Hope you have a wonderful day and not too many of the kiddies get poorly eating their chocolate eggs. Gosh it's amazing how memories come flooding back isn't it. We were always allowed to look at our eggs but were only given permission to open 1 egg at a time and even then we were only allowed to eat a portion of it a day.. Think it took us about a week to make our way through just 1 egg. Lol. Obviously there was the annual egg rolling race too which was a time of high excitement, hysteria and occasionally a little disastrous when we had to tackle torrential rain during the race. Nothing better than reaching the bottom of the hill to find a pile of boiled eggs with all their colours running and trying to figure out which one belonged to who.. Being the baby of the family with a brother 9 years older than me, I think you can probably all guess who tended to win the race.. ME!!! Lol

Well I felt rather poorly over the last week with a nasty virus but thankfully I felt a lot better yesterday and even managed to get out for a few hours so I'm glad to say that normal service will resume in the craft room next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful time today and build some amazing memories to ponder over in years to come.

Happy Easter and love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

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